Accessing the Admin Panel

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There are several ways to access the Dine Niagara Admin Panel:

Dine Niagara Restaurant App

The preferred method for accessing the admin panel for day-to-day operations from a tablet or mobile device is the Dine Niagara Restaurant App which is available for iOS (Apple), Android (Google), and Amazon Fire Tablet devices. You can get instructions for installing the Dine Niagara App here.

Web Access

You can access our Dine Niagara Administrator portal directly at this link:

You can also access the Dine Niagara Administrator portal from any page on our main website by scrolling to the bottom of the page and following the link for 'Restaurant Login'.

Link to the Administrator site from the main Dine Niagara website.


If you ever have trouble getting access to the Dine Niagara Admin Panel you can reach out for support by emailing us at