Adjusting Your Pickup Ready Time

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When your location is set up initially we will default your 'Pickup Ready Time' for new orders to 25 minutes (unless requested).

The Pickup Ready time is the time you need from when you accept the order to be able to prepare an order (on average). When you accept and delay an order, the delay is based on the Pickup Ready Time you have set in the app.

The current 'Pickup Ready' time is always visible and available to be changed from the top bar of the app where you see the clock and time. Note: if you have multiple locations/brands, you will not see the time, just the clock icon.

Top link and display of the Pickup Ready time

To adjust the Pickup Ready Time to earlier or later, simply tap or click on the clock to bring up the adjustment window:

Pickup Ready time adjustment for multiple locations

If you have a single restaurant brand, you will see only one location adjustment window. If you have multiple brands (ghost kitchens or multiple location brands) you will have an option for each restaurant location.

Simple tap the + or - buttons for the appropriate location to change the Pickup Ready lead time, and tap the 'Save' button to adjust the timing. Changes are instant on the customer order page and we display the expected times on both the restaurant list and your own menu/order page.


If you have trouble adjusting your Pickup Ready time, please contact us at and one of our team can help.