Changing Your Password

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You have been assigned a default password when the account was set up. Before using the system you should change your password to something more secure.

Please avoid using simple passwords to prevent unauthorized access to your account. Dine Niagara accepts no responsibility for activities which may be performed under your account if the user has logged in with your valid password.

To change your password, first tap or click on the 'person' icon at the top right of the Admin page once you are logged in:

Links to access the Password Change function for admin users.

Then you will tap or click on the 'Edit Details' link in the window that opens. Password change screen.pngTo change the password, simply enter your new password in the 'Password' and 'Password Confirm' boxes and tap or click the 'Save & Close' button at the top of the screen.


If you have trouble changing your password, or you are unable to log into the system because you have forgotten your password, please contact us at to request a password reset. Our team can not access or give you your password, but we can reset your password for you if required.