Quick Close to Pause or Stop Orders

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If you are busy and need to pause orders for a period of time, or simply want to close the restaurant for the night, we provide a 'Quick Close' function to make this easy from your tablet.

From the top bar of the app, tap the 'Door' icon to access the 'Quick Close' page:

Top bar link to quick close page

You will be taken to the Quick Close page in the admin panel.

Quick close page with multiple brands/locations

Depending on whether you have multiple brands or locations (such as ghost kitchen brands or multiple restaurant brands operating under a single order location) you will have the option to 'Quick Close' one location or all locations.

For each/any location that you want to pause or close, you have the options to:

Open Now

If your location is currently closed because you previously paused or closed using the Quick Close screen and you would like to reopen for orders, tap the "Open Now" button and we will immediately make your restaurant available again for orders. Note: this will only open your restaurant from previous Quick Close requests, it will can not set you open outside of your normal business hours.

Time Buttons

We provide four Quick Close shortcuts if you want to pause orders for a period of time. By tapping the 30 Minutes, 1 Hour, 1 Hour 30 Minutes, or 2 Hours buttons we will set your location to closed for new orders, but automatically reopen you at the request time in the future. This will allow users to pre-order for a later time, but will prevent any orders during the requested closed time.

Rest of Day

If you are leaving early or are not sure how long you need to pause orders today, you can tap or click the 'Rest of Day' button. We will set your location to closed for the remainder of the day and will reopen on your next scheduled regular hours. If you want to reopen later, you can always come back to the 'Quick Close' page and select 'Open Now' to reopen during the current business hours.


If you are having trouble setting yourself to closed, please send us an email to support@dineniagara.ca and one of our team can help.