Redeeming a Gift Card In Person

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Gift Card Program Overview

The Dine Niagara Gift Card program allows customers to buy either a Dine Niagara branded gift card or a Charitable Benefit Gift Card where we donate 5% of their purchase to the charity partner they choose which can be used at any of the restaurants on the Dine Niagara platform.

Restaurants can choose to only accept the Dine Niagara Gift Card without using our ordering and delivery platform, but you are automatically set up with our Gift Card redemptions if you are using our ordering and delivery platform. Note: Restaurants who do not use the ordering and delivery platform are charged a 5% processing fee for gift card redemptions. There is no processing fee for restaurants using the ordering and delivery platform.

Customers can redeem their Gift Card themselves when they place a takeout or delivery order through the Dine Niagara App or your restaurant menu and ordering page. That processing is automatic and does not require any action on your part.

Customers may also redeem their Gift Card in person which you will need to enter manually through our app or the admin panel.

Redeeming a Gift Card In Person

To redeem a Gift Card in person, tap the 'Credit Card' icon in the top bar of the app to access the Gift Card Redemption page:

Top bar link to the Gift Card redemption page.

You will be taken to the redemption page to start redeeming the customer's Dine Niagara Gift Card:

Main Gift Card redemption page.

You will first enter the customer's Gift Card number which will generally be a 5-8 character alpha-numeric number from their Gift Card printout. Once you have entered the number, tap the 'Load Card' button to load the details of the card to validate balance and cardholder.

Gift Card redeem details page

To redeem the card do the following:

  1. Select the correct location (if you have multiple locations/brands available). If you have only one brand, this will already be defaulted.
  2. Enter your Reference # which would be a unique order, invoice, receipt, or table ID for this order. This is required so that we can identify this redemption for you in your sales reporting. Every restaurant is different, however this number must be unique for your location.
  3. Enter the amount that is being redeemed from the Gift Card.
  4. Tap the 'Redeem' button

We will automatically transfer the funds to your bank account through your Stripe Connect account with our nightly payments batch and the redemption will be logged in your sales report.


If you are having trouble redeeming a Gift Card please contact our team either by email at or by phone at 289-438-8061 for help.