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Student Savours™ Program Overview

The Dine Niagara Student Savours™ Program allows restaurants to offer discounts and promotions to verified University and College students in their area. Students are verified when they register for a Dine Niagara Account with their student email address from a participating University or College. We will verify their access to that account which confirms that they are a current student of the school which will confirm their Student Savours™ savings until the next term (generally September to August). Students will be required to revalidate their email annually to keep getting the discounts.

Discounts for Takeout and Delivery (Online Orders)

Any order placed by a verified and valid Student Savours™ account will automatically receive the discount you set up or confirm with us on their order. Discounts are applicable to all food and non-food products (ie. food items, non-alcoholic beverages, merchandise, etc) but will not be applied to Alcoholic products or delivery charges. Additionally, the Student Savours™ program is exclusive, meaning that a customer can not redeem both the Student Savours™ discount and the CAA Reward discount together. If a customer is eligible for both discounts, we will automatically apply the greater of the two discounts.

Discounts and Promotions for Dine-In / In Restaurant Promotions

You can offer discounts and promotions to verified student users at your discretion. We recommend highlighting any discounts or promotions you are offering through our online discount page. This can be managed through your location administrator account, or by emailing our support team to add the promotion for you. To verify and log any savings for the customer you will tap the "Graduation Cap" icon in the top bar of your restaurant app:

Link to Student Savours™ program redemption
Link to Student Savours™ program redemption

You will be taken to the Student Savours™ redemption page where you can enter the number from the virtual student card which the student can generate in our marketplace app. Customers can find their Student Savours™ virtual card under the Account tab in the app. (Account -> Student Savours).

The Student Savours™ virtual discount card will look like the following:

Virtual Student Savours Card
Virtual Student Savours™ Card

The Student Savours™ Virtual Member card will provide you a four-digit ID, their program Expiry Date, and the school they attend. To verify their valid status and log any discounts you are offering (available in your reporting and shown to the customer to show them the value of their discounts), you will need to take the 4-digit student ID and enter it in your restaurant app.

Student Savours discount verification/redemption screen
Student Savours™ discount verification/redemption screen

To verify and redeem, enter the four-digit student ID from their virtual card in the box and tap to "Load Card".

NOTE: The 4-digit code expires every 15 minutes to prevent users from using screen shots to receive discounts after their account has expired. If the code does not load, you can ask the customer to refresh their ID on the virtual card screen and it will issue them a new Student ID (valid for another 15 minutes).

Student Savours loaded in the redemption page for verification.
Loaded Student Savours™ virtual card for verification

When you load the student card we will verify that it is current and note expired, and show you the customer name and school program they are enrolled through so you can match the school logo/name to what you saw on the virtual card.

If everything matches, you can log the discount using this screen:

Log Discount Screen for the Student Savours Program
Log Discount Screen for the Student Savours™ Program

To log a discount, ensure that your restaurant location is correct (important for restaurants with multiple brands) and enter the subtotal for the sale. If you would prefer to have our system calculate the discount in the same way as we do online, simply tap the "Calculate Discount" button and the screen will reload with your Discount % applied. Alternatively you can simply enter the appropriate discount amount or promotional value (ie. the value of a free item) and tap "Log Discount" to log that transaction.

Student Savours discount confirmation screen
Student Savours™ discount confirmation screen

All logged discounts are reported on your Student Savours™ report (under manager reporting) and will also be available as a total savings to the customer so they can see how much they have saved by choosing Dine Niagara and the Student Savours™ program.