Requesting a Manual Delivery for a Prepaid Order

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In order to be able to create a manual delivery request you will need to have had this feature enabled for your location. Manual delivery requests require a payment agreement in place as deliveries are invoiced and paid weekly on Wednesdays for the previous week. If you do not currently have manual deliveries enabled but would like to access this feature, please contact us at and we will work with you to get things set up.

To request a manual delivery for a prepaid order (we do not support COD or Debit/Credit at the door), go to the Deliveries heading under the left navigation menu (you may need to tap/click the three line 'hamburger' menu at the top) and select 'Deliveries'. You will be taken to the list of current and previous deliveries for your location.

To start a new manual delivery request, tap or click the 'New' button at the top of the page.

Starting a manual delivery request.

Entering Required Delivery Information

Creating a new Delivery manually isn't as simple as the automated process from a Dine Niagara order, however we have tried to make things as easy as possible.

To create a new delivery you will need to fill in some basic key information before you can request a delivery quote:

Customer Information Tab creating a new Manual Delivery

You need to provide the mandatory marked information on the Customer Information tab which includes your Order # Reference (invoice number, receipt number, some sort of identifier that will be included in our reporting to you), first name, phone number, and address information. You should encourage the customer to give you a cell phone number as we will provide them SMS updates on their delivery progress as well as a link to the GPS tracking page when it is available.

To make populating the address fields easier, we have integrated with the Google Address service so you can simply start to enter their address in the 'Address Search' field, then select the correct item from the list and we will automatically populate the correct values into the street address, city, postal code, etc fields.

Google Address Search

You are also required to provide some basic delivery information on the Delivery Details tab:

Delivery Details Tab creating a new Manual Delivery

On this tab you need to enter any driver tip that the customer is providing, the total tax/HST charged on the order, and the order total (including taxes, delivery, tips etc). While the tax and order total numbers are somewhat arbitrary in their use by the delivery services, they are required. They do not have to be completely precise, however we will include them in your reporting and the drivers do use the order to understand the relative size of the delivery order.

The value entered in 'Driver Tip' will be paid to the driver through our platform as part of the delivery and will be included in your weekly invoice. Do not pay the tip amount to the driver in cash if you enter it here or you will be double paying the tips.

Finally you need to select the timing for the delivery. Deliveries can be scheduled according to three methods:

  • ASAPThe driver will be dispatched as soon as possible so the food should be ready for pickup in the next 5 minutes. Note that ASAP orders may take between 5-20 minutes to receive a driver depending on the timing so we recommend requesting a driver using either the Scheduled Pickup or Scheduled Delivery option if you have the ability to plan ahead.
  • Scheduled PickupIf you are requesting a delivery for an order that will be ready at some known time in the future (ie 25 minutes to prepare the order), choose the Scheduled Pickup option and specify the time that you would like to have the driver arrive to pick up the food. We will schedule with the delivery providers appropriately to have a driver there as close to the requested time as possible (generally predictable within approximately 5 minutes). You can use the simple interface to adjust the timing:
    Time selection window for Scheduled Pickup or Scheduled Delivery options.
  • Scheduled DeliveryIf you are scheduling a pre-order delivery where the customer has specified when they would like to receive the food (ie. please delivery at 5pm on Thursday), choose the Scheduled Delivery option and specify the time that the customer would like the food to arrive. We will schedule with the delivery providers based on the distance from your restaurant and provide you the time to have the food prepared for the driver. The timing selection works exactly the same as the Scheduled Pickup option shown above.

Delivery Instructions

All information you enter in the 'Delivery Instructions' box will be passed directly to the delivery driver. This can be used for any special customer requests or information such as "Please don't ring the doorbell, baby sleeping" or "Blue house on the corner with white fence and red Toyota".

Once you have entered all the required information, tap or click the 'Save' button at the top of the screen to save it and enable a quote request.

Requesting a Delivery Quote

Once you have saved the basic delivery information, you will see a new status panel at the top of the page and a new button which will allow you to request a quote from the delivery providers configured for your location. Confirm that the 'ETA to Pickup' matches your expected pickup time, and tap the 'Request Quote' button to get the best delivery rate available for the customer's address.

Request Quote button to get the best quote available for the customer address.

Requesting Delivery Dispatch

The status panel will now be updated with the best quote for the customer's location from one of our delivery service providers. You should confirm the delivery cost is as expected and communicate it to the customer if required. Note: You can still update the Total Tax and Order Total at this point as well as adding or adjusting the Driver Tip. Customer information and address can not be updated once there is a quote. If you need to adjust the customer information you will need to 'Cancel Quote' to return to the previous step.

Request Delivery confirmation step to confirm the delivery and request a driver.

If you are comfortable with the details as provided, tap or click the 'Request Delivery' button to confirm the request and schedule a driver pickup. You will need to confirm that request by tapping or clicking OK on the dialogue that pops up.

Delivery Confirmed and Status

You will receive confirmation that the delivery was requested successfully and you will see that the status box has been updated with additional information for your information and tracking:

Status box for the confirmed delivery request.

Cancelling or Adjusting a Requested Delivery

If you need to cancel or adjust a delivery in any way, please follow the instructions to cancel or redispatch a delivery.


If you are having trouble creating a delivery, please contact our support team at 289-438-8061 or email and we will be happy to help.