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When you are logged in with your manager account, you have the ability to change some of the settings related to your restaurant on the Dine Niagara platform. To access the Restaurant Settings page, you need to log into the Administrator panel using the manager login that was provided to you. If you have only one location enabled under your login, you will then go to the 'Settings' option under the 'Restaurant' heading in the left navigation pane. If you have multiple locations, you'll visit 'Locations' under the 'Restaurant' heading and then click on the 'pencil' icon beside the location you want to edit.

Main Location settings page.

There are several tabs of information which can be edited as described below:

Location Tab

You are able to edit the following data for your location:

  • Name - the restaurant name as it will appear on your menu order page and in the restaurant list. (Required. Max 128 Characters)
  • Email - the email address where you will receive email notifications of new orders (Required. Max 96 Characters. Must be a valid email address)
  • Telephone - the telephone number for order notifications (Required.)
  • Image - the logo image that will be shown on your menu order page and the restaurant list.
  • Status - this shows whether your location is visible to the public. If you need to change this option you need to contact our team at
  • Address/City/State/Postal/Country - this shows the current address of your restaurant. If you need to change the address of your restaurant you need to contact our team at
  • Description - this is a brief description of your restaurant. It is used only sparingly throughout the order page and website, so it is not required.
  • Banner Image - the banner image that shows across the top of your menu order page and in the restaurant list.
  • Hide Phone # from Front End - hides your phone number from the menu/order page if you prefer not to receive customer phone calls at your notification phone number.

Settings Tab

You are able to edit the following data for your location:

  • Offer Delivery - turn on or off delivery as an available ordering option for your location. Note: Generally this should be left ENABLED or you will not be able to receive delivery orders.
  • Delivery Time Interval - this is the time between order slots for customers to choose from when they are pre-ordering. Note: This does not affect "As Soon As Possible" orders and we recommend you leave it set to 15 minutes.
  • Delivery Lead Time - this is the default time we will show customers as the expected delivery time from when they place an order. Note: This time is also updated whenever you change the "Pickup Ready Time" from the top bar. This does not affect the speed or timing of delivery services.
  • Allow Pre-Order for Delivery - this turns on or off the ability for customers to pre-order in advance. Note: If you disable this option, customers will only be able to place orders "As Soon As Possible" and will not be able to order outside of your business hours. It is highly recommended that you leave this setting enabled.
  • Delivery Pre-Order Days in Advance - this is the number of days in advance that a customer can pre-order. We default this value to 5 days when we set up your location which is usually sufficient for most restaurants. If you offer menu items with longer lead times or catering type menu items, you may want to consider extending this to 20-30 days.
  • Same Options as Above for Pickup Orders
  • Offers Dine-In - If you have dine in available we will show your restaurant dine-in hours in addition to your takeout and delivery hours on your menu/order page and restaurant list. This should only be turned off if you have no seating in your restaurant.

Schedules Tab

The Schedules Tab allows you to edit your regular business hours for the platform. This should be your standard running hours and you do not need to edit these hours for special days such as vacations or holidays. Those should be set using the Special Schedules process.

There are three sets of hours which can be adjusted:

  1. Opening Schedule is the hours that your dine-in restaurant is open (which may include hours that you do not serve food for bars/nightclubs)
  2. Delivery Schedule is the hours that you offer delivery orders (which may differ from pickup orders if you do your own deliveries)
  3. Pickup Schedule is the hours that you offer pickup orders (which should be the same as the hours that your kitchen is open)

To change your hours you will click on the hours you would like to adjust, and use the interface to set open and closed and hours for the day.

Setting hours can be somewhat complex, particularly if you offer multiple opening times in a day. We recommend that if you need to adjust your hours that you send us your new hours and effective date to and we will make the adjustment for you.

Gallery Tab

You have the ability to add photos to a gallery that will be shown on its own tab on your menu/order page. This is completely optional and most restaurants do not set any images here.

Payouts Tab

This is where you will find your link to set up or view your Stripe Connect account which is where all credit card and Dine Niagara gift card payments are processed to your bank account.

Initial Stripe Connect Setup

If you have not yet set up your Stripe Connect account, you will see a button that allows you to "Create a Stripe Connect account"

Note: we recommend using a computer instead of a mobile device to complete this step

Tap or click the button to launch the Stripe setup process. You will be required to enter your business details, your personal details, and your banking information to allow Stripe to process payments into your account. As Dine Niagara does not participate in the transaction through a commission structure, we have opted to use the Stripe Connect infrastructure to enable simple payments via Credit Card and from our own gift cards into your bank account.

It is mandatory that you configure your Stripe Connect Account before we can enable your restaurant for orders.

Viewing your Stripe Connect Account

Once you have set up your Stripe Connect account you can click the "View stripe connect account" button to launch Stripe and view all transactions and balances that are destined for your bank account.

Donations Tab

If you have a Charity that you regularly partner with, we have enabled Donations at Checkout within our platform. If you would like to allow customers to make a small donation ($2/5/10/15) at the same time as their order, simply enable the Accept Donations at Checkout option and then enter the name of the Charity which will be displayed to customers when they check out.

All donation amounts will be included in your sales reporting for your own records. We do not hold any donations, it is your responsibility to route all donations to the charity.

Transaction Fees Tab

If you are on a variable fees plan, this page will show the current balance (if any) of uncollected fees from previous orders. Balances are created when you cancel an order that is received or if we have a technical issue recovering the fees from a previous order. The system will automatically collect the balance with the next successful order(s) placed through the system.